Social Media Masterclass Series

Social Media Masterclass Series
Event on 2016-07-05 08:30:00
Are you feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and invisible on social media? Would you like to increase your efficiency, maximise your effectiveness and get tangible business results using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Our Social Media Masterclass Series is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to ignite their social media magnetism, maximise their return on investment and accelerate their online success. Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available but if you don’t use it properly it’s a waste of time and you’ll achieve very poor results. Our exclusive masterclass series is an intense, hands-on experience that gives you the skills to transform your business online using three influential social networks. It’s designed specifically for experienced business owners like you who understand a strong social media presence is critical for success. The program is limited to eight non-competing businesses. The series consists of one full day per month across a three month period to ensure maximum implementation between each session. PLUS we’ve included added support. You'll learn how to: drive quality leads to your website increase your social media return on investment maximise your productivity online increase your effectiveness have conversations that count boost engagement levels build relationships that will make you money grow an engaged community create brand advocates for your business build your credibility, reputation and influence improve customer service levels create a WOW customer experience improve customer loyalty and retention boost customer lifetime value improve search engine rankings create more time to do the things you love master Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.   You'll receive: 3 x full day masterclasses facilitated by Debra Sinclair (valued at 8 each) Access to our mentoring membership site 1 x 60 minute mentoring call with Debra Sinclair a social media audit of ONE social network (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) access to a private Facebook mentoring group during the program weekly social media news and insights email fortnightly email newsletter social media strategy template content plan template engagement plan template issues and internal communications plan template worksheets and checklists at each masterclass copy of our Ebook 'How To Build A Social Media Community For Your Business' phone and email support during the program healthy morning and afternoon tea at each masterclass. ______________________________________________________________ ATTRACT MASTERCLASS Day 1: Wednesday 29 June 2016 Maximising your efficiency and effectiveness on social media Get noticed or give up. If you want a strong social media presence you need to do it properly or not at all. In our ATTRACT masterclass we'll show you how to be a leader and generate quality leads to your business. You’ll learn: where you sit on the social media magnetism index and what it takes to magnetise your community to your brand the 7 key elements of building an engaged community on social media the difference between your personal Facebook profile and your Facebook business page and how to use them both for business the key attributes your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter profile must have to attract your people to your brand how to optimise your profiles for lead generation how to develop marketing personas and why you need them for your business the impact a strong brand has on attracting the right leads to your business how Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty and generate new leads to your business a step-by-step process for developing your social media strategy a step-by-step process for developing your issues and risk management plan time and money-saving strategies that will drive your social media success CAPTIVATE MASTERCLASS Day 2: Thursday 28 July 2016 Creating content that compels people to take action Meaningless content puts people to sleep. In our CAPTIVATE masterclass we'll demonstrate proven strategies for creating compelling content that cuts through the noise and inspires action. You’ll learn: why captivating content is critical for your online success understand the real power of your voice, language and communication style how to develop your brand story how to conduct a content audit a step-by-step process for developing your content plan different types of content that will captivate your target market and compel them to take action how to come up with a constant flow of ideas that your community will love how user generated content will boost your social media ROI the ins and outs of content curation and why you need it how to integrate visual content into your strategy top content writing tips that will captivate your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter communities how to incorporate social advertising into your social media strategy for maximum results. Part 1. MAGNETISE MASTERCLASS Day 3: Thursday 11 August 2016 Be a social media master and maximise your ROI Relationships are the difference between being invisible and making your mark. In our MAGNETISE masterclass we'll show you how to ignite your social media magnetism and be an online influencer. You’ll learn: the importance of having an engagement strategy how customer-centric social media drives business growth a step-by-step process for developing your engagement plan how to start conversations that count how to build influence and thought leadership on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter simple and effective processes that will help you build long-term relationships with your target market the right and the wrong way to build relationships with social influencers why you need to have an issues management strategy in place for your social media activity key data and metrics on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that will drive your success tools and apps you can use to effectively measure your social media ROI how to incorporate social advertising into your social media strategy for maximum results. Part 2. It is ,198 + GST for the full program. Or one masterclass is 8 + GST. If you choose to do the masterclasses individually it's highly recommended you start with the ATTRACT Masterclass to maximise your learning and results. Our Social Media Masterclass Series has been developed in a way that one session flows perfectly to the next. Full details are available via the website We want you to love our masterclass series, which in our view, can deliver amazing benefits to you and your business. Read our Satisfaction Guarantee HERE. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ TESTIMONIALS 'Debra offers you strategic plans and systems that completely eliminate any overwhelm in relation to using Social Media. The difference between my knowledge and understanding of Social Media from before the workshops to now is remarkable! If you want to reap the benefits of social media, build meaningful relationships and attract the right people to your business, I can’t recommend the Liquid Mango Consulting Social Media Masterclass Series highly enough!’ Avalon Davy, EA at SalesSPACE ‘Whilst I use social media, the day provided me with a strategy, plan and inspiration that my social media actions are now going to be fully and effectively integrated with my business objectives. The day was informative, fun, practical and took all the overwhelm and stress away from an otherwise able but far from technical user of social media. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to fully benefit from social media, engage meaningfully with their audience and attract people who are going to benefit from what their business offers.’ Clare Mann, CEO Communicate31 About the presenter: As a Social Media Strategist and Community Builder, Debra Sinclair has a reputation for building, activating and transforming online communities that deliver results to SMEs. Debra has worked with a diverse client base, from entrepreneurs and business owners to not-for-profits and corporate clients with dramatic results, including increased brand awareness, engagement, customer service and inbound traffic. A snapshot of Debra’s clients includes Universal Robots, Bowls NSW, Castle Hill RSL Group,, Turrell Building and She Business. Debra has also provided consulting and mentoring to entrepreneurs and small business owners within the fashion, health, human resources, coaching and property industries. As the Founder of Liquid Mango Consulting, Debra combines her social media, public relations and corporate communications experience to guarantee optimal results for her clients. Adding to that, Debra worked in the television industry on programs like The Small Business Show and Business Sunday for Channel 9 and developed proven PR and communications strategies for SMEs as well as the City of Canada Bay Council and Fire & Rescue NSW. Debra holds an Advanced Public Relations Certificate from TAFE NSW and a Masters Degree in Communication Management from UTS. Debra is renowned for her authenticity, creativity and strategic focus.

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