Swift Networking! Make Your Mark(eting) On 2016: Grow Your Brand and Expand Your Business. How to find the Means to do it all? 1

Swift Networking! Make Your Mark(eting) On 2016: Grow Your Brand and Expand Your Business. How to find the Means to do it all?
Event on 2016-01-26 18:00:00
Hello Business Professionals, Please join us for an evening of Swift Networking Network with as many people as possible in one evening.  If it looks like you're spending too long with one person then you will be given the signal to move onto the next person. 6.00pm: Arrive for mix and mingle 6.30pm: Guest Speakers – Tricia Belmonte, Tawanda Chirenda and Michael Yasny Tricia Belmonte – Killer SEO Tips To Get You Started in 2016: How can I get my website to rank better on Google? That is the most common question I get asked. Luckily, there are a number of things that are in your control that you can do, and most are not complicated fixes. So let’s get started by looking at the items that will most likely give you the strongest SEO power in 2016! Tawanda Chirenda – How to Stretch and Grow Your Brand Presence and Influence in Authentic Ways: The market has become noisy and crowded. Everybody wants an edge. With so many people clamoring for attention online and offline, how do you build a compelling audience for your ideas, products, and services? This talk will tackle what it takes to build a strong brand presence that inspires and ignites passion in others.   Michael Yasny – When the Bank Says NO! "what financing alternatives does your business have?": The bank does not care about your new business, your experience or your business plan. The bank only cares about the security you can offer them, for the financing you require. If you have security, go to the bank. If you do not have security, there are many "Creative Financial Solutions for Business". Other than having a business bank account you will learn that you never need to rely on a bank for financing again. 7.30pm – Swift Networking You will be provided with one complimentary drink ticket (must be used by 8.30pm) Additional Drinks: They have wide selection of drinks to choose from so you are encouraged to purchase additional drinks to support the staff and venue. You must pay for your own drinks. Swift Networking: Spend about five minutes with each business professional then move onto the next person. You save your time by meeting several people in  a short space of time rather than spending the entire evening in conversation with the same set of people. By the end of the evening you will have several useful contacts to pursue. Bring at least 60 business cards.   Guest Speaker BIOs:  Tricia Belmonte  – LikeUs Communications Tricia is a marketing specialist and owner of LikeUs Communications. Tricia has over 15 years of marketing, management and business development experience and has helped a number of small to large businesses expand their services.  Tricia holds a University degree in English, diplomas in public relations and journalism and certificates in career coaching and Internet marketing. Her passion is helping motivated business owners get found, noticed and make an impact online.  You can ask her about any questions related to search engine optimization, social media, content or online marketing.   Tawanda Chirenda – Becoming a Willing Student Tawanda Chirenda is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Becoming a Willing Student, an ideas consultancy that teaches entrepreneurs how to stretch and grow their brand presence and influence in authentic ways. A story teller and inspirational speaker, Tawanda has a gift for connecting emotionally to the spirit of every human being. He captivates and inspires audiences with contagious energy, compassion and humour. Michael Yasny – Money Consultants Ltd Michael Yasny has owned a number of businesses before and during his 25 years providing alternative financing solutions to new and existing businesses. Areas of business ownership where in: manufacturing, wholesaling, medical illustrations, medical publishing as well as designing a new hardware product. His company, Money Consultants Ltd. provides financing and financing strategies for new, existing and even businesses in financial trouble.

at Lyrics Music Bar, Yorkville’s Premiere Supper Club
50 Cumberland Avenue
Toronto, Canada

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