The Happiness Course Leaders Training Day – Liverpool 3

The Happiness Course Leaders Training Day – Liverpool
Event on 2017-02-24 09:30:00
This day will help give you the tools to run Livability’s Happiness Course in your community. It will be an interactive time drawing on the key material of the course and exploring how you can lead the course locally in your community. What is the Happiness Course? The Happiness Course is a four week course developed by Livability which helps churches engage with their local community by exploring the meaning of happiness and wellbeing. During each session, participants will reflect on a wide range of topics including how success, relationships and a sense of purpose can contribute to happiness. The course is a tried and tested approach based on scientific research and real life experience that people can apply in their daily lives. How to become a course leader If you would like to run the Happiness Course in your local community this one day training session will equip you with the theological understanding, course knowledge and practical skills you will need. The training will provide: Understanding about the biblical principle of Shalom and how to put wellbeing at the centre of your church’s mission. An in-depth look at the course content and structure with guidance about how you can deliver the course in your local community. Insights from experienced course leaders and a variety of examples of where the course has been delivered. An opportunity to practice and develop your training skills. The cost of the course covers lunch, a leader’s manual and access to an online learning platform which includes further resources and discussion forums. We offer a 50% discount for churches and community organisations that would like to train more than one course leader. This means that the first person would pay the £100 standard ticket and each additional leader would only pay £50 (maximum of 5 additional licences per organisational licence).  Once you have been trained you will receive a licence to be able to run the Happiness Course for two years. During this time you will receive ongoing support from Livability, including marketing materials to promote your courses, access to regular events and training opportunities. Why the Happiness Course? You will be joining over 190 Happiness Course leaders who have been trained from across the country. If you are looking for new and effective ways to reach out to your local community then this course is for you. Our course leaders have experienced the impact that the Happiness Course can have personally and in their communities:  "The course is really interesting, fun and challenging. It has challenged my perspectives of what happiness is." (Happiness Course leader, London)  "The training has helped me look at increasing community capacity and relationships in our church locality" (Happiness Course leader, Liverpool)  "I will learn to appreciate what I have been blessed with in life" (Participant, Poole) "Happiness is accessible to everyone” (Participant, Kent)   Note: The church has disabled access. Parking is available for all.  

at Christ Church
Walton Breck Road
Liverpool, United Kingdom

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