The knowledge aristocracy

The knowledge aristocracy
From curing diseases with robots composed of only a few hundred atoms to looking back 13 billion years at galaxies that are light years away, science has the potential to revolutionize how we view and interact with our world. Unfortunately, barriers …
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Our mental prison: The myth of “objective” knowledge
One of the most powerful myths of modern times is the belief that “scientific” knowledge is purely “objective” or “impersonal”, whereas everything else is “subjective” or “personal”, that is, a matter of opinion. But as every epistemologist knows …
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When Naïve Realism Collides with Postmodernism
It is a testament to Johnson's rhetorical skills, and to his intimate knowledge of both science and philosophy, that he forces us to take such possibilities seriously. Fire in the Mind is a subversive work, all the more so because it is so subtle …
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