The Mindful Supper Club

The Mindful Supper Club
Event on 2016-04-08 19:00:00
The Mindful Supper Club – Eat, Drink and be Mindful Friday April 8 from 7pm in The Wholesome Nest Cafe, on the ground floor of Beach Lane.  The Mindful Supper Club is a new, monthly event that explores how mindfulness can enhance our enjoyment of eating, incorporating guided meditation and a delicious three-course meal at The Wholesome Nest Café at Beach Lane in Carrum. The Mindful Supper Club is a new monthly event held in partnership with Think-Bubbles, Beach Lane and The Wholesome Nest cafe. The brainchild of Victoria Gelberg, founder and director of Think-Bubbles, The Mindful Supper Club offers the chance to learn about mindfulness and meditation, engage in a series of guided exercises designed to enhance personal well-being by promoting present-moment awareness, and finally enjoy a delicious meal from the talented team at The Wholesome Nest. Important Event Information Seating is at communal tables, we will seat people together so group bookings aren't nescessary. However please let us know via email (after your booking is made) if you have particular seating requirements or require wheelchair access This event is alcohol free. Cool fresh water will be served with meals and herbal tea with dessert We will try to cater for all dietary requirements. Please specify requirements when booking Why a Mindful Supper Club?  Think-Bubbles provides a range of coaching and consulting services aimed at enabling the practice of mindfulness and meditation. These include short courses, walk-in sessions, group workshops and bespoke consultations, catering for individuals, families, workplaces and schools. According to Victoria, the idea for The Mindful Supper Club stemmed from her experiences running group workshops. “I found with a lot of the sessions I was running that, while mindfulness is ultimately a very personal, individual thing, people were always keen to discuss and share their experiences afterwards. Often people might go on for a drink or a bite to eat, so I had the idea to bring it all under one roof, and have everyone break bread together" says Victoria.  Mindfulness is creating a lot of buzz in the media right now, amid a growing body of scientific evidence highlighting the benefits it can bring in every aspect of our everyday lives. With food being so fundamental to our daily wellbeing, a mindful approach can enhance our understanding of our relationship with what we eat. “We all need to eat and drink,” adds Victoria. “It’s one of the great pleasures in life. Sadly, in the modern world, it can also be a source of great anxiety. With The Mindful Supper Club, we’ll be examining the experience of eating, of tasting food and our responses to it. And, Shae at The Wholesome Nest has put together a wonderful menu for the evening, so I know it’ll be delicious.” Shae Willem, at The Wholesome Nest, is looking forward to showcasing the team’s cooking in a new and unique context. “When we first heard about the concept of The Supper Club we were fascinated,” says Shae. “It’s such an interesting way to approach the enjoyment of food and drink, and we’re thrilled that our wholesome food will be featured so centrally. We are looking forward to getting into the kitchen on the night.” For Georges McKail, proprietor of Beach Lane, the Mindful Supper Club is the latest in a fast-evolving partnership with Think-Bubbles. “Victoria has been running Think-Bubbles events at Beach Lane for a while now, and things have been going from strength to strength,” says Georges. “The Supper Club just sounds like such an original, fun idea and we’re delighted to be involved. We can’t wait to see how it goes.” The Mindful Supper Club will be held once a month starting on Friday 8th April. The evening includes a guided mindfulness session followed by a three-course meal. For more information visit the Think-Bubbles website at   About Think-Bubbles Think-bubbles is a coaching and consultancy service established to promote and enable the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Established by experienced mindfulness and meditation practitioner Victoria Gelberg, it originated from work she developed in the mainstream education sector, evolving from almost 20 years of practice and instruction, coupled with academic research.   About Beach Lane Beach Lane is a space designed to foster creative community, artistic works and support entrepreneurial start up ventures.  Beach Lane is a multi-faceted space designed with community in mind. Services include a shop, wholesome cafe, four studio spaces for yoga, meditation, events and workshops, private consultation and meetings. About The Wholesome Nest The Wholesome Nest is a beach side cafe nestled on the ground floor of Beach Lane. The Wholesome Nest serves locally sourced produce, consciously prepared light meals and juices, and really excellent coffee. Link to facebook page 

at ‘Beach Lane’
642 Nepean Highway
Carrum, Australia

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