Training: Programmatic Precision Targeting Singapore 4

Training: Programmatic Precision Targeting Singapore
Event on 2017-03-16 09:00:00
Dates:  16 & 17 Nov 2016  Dates:  16 & 17 Nov 2016  Venue: Singapore  #GEMprog AGENDA In its latest forecast on programmatic media, eMarketer projects that programmatic digital display ad spend will reach .10 billion in 2016. The forecast suggests that 2017 will be the tipping point for programmatic mobile video ads, as mobile surpasses desktop for the first time. Programmatic advertising accounted for £960 million of £2.13 billion spent on display ads across the internet and mobile in the UK last year. Programmatic marketing allows brands to run optimized, targeted cross-device campaigns, with the programmatic buying and selling of ad space via real-time bidding platforms (RTB) and ad exchanges. Programmatic is essential for advertisers and agencies aiming to keep costs low by automating the ad buying process while targeting the right audience. To truly understand how you can use programmatic advertising effectively to meet your marketing targets, join us at our programmatic workshop in Singapore. Our workshop also provides you with an impartial and neutral look at the relative merits of the leading DSPs and DMPs. Places are limited!   Do your display ads have great content, great experiences and great stories to consumers? Are you using programmatic data in an innovative way to create relevant content?  Are you getting your brand’s message across effectively? What do your programmatic buys deliver? Our Programmatic Precision Targeting training gives you the tools to access your brands’ programmatic strategy, to understand your agencies’ approaches to display advertising, programmatic marketing and what are you getting for your money. This programmatic event in Singapore covers issues such as brand safety, fraud, optimising bids and many more……. What will you gain? And impartial neutral look at the relative merits of the leading DSPs and DMPs; Who should be choosing them, you or your agencies? Learn more about vital issues such as brand safety, fraud, programmatic viewability and many more What can you realistically expect from programmatic? How do justify the ROI? Getting the most from you data The future of programmatic: Video, TV and Mobile Who should be attending? Digital Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing Directors DAY 1 (9am – 5pm) Registration and morning coffee: 08.00 – 09.00 Day 1 – Morning Intro Ground rules, your expectations, what we will cover Jargon buster Interactive/ice breaker – Discuss the correct definitions of some specific key terms and phrases in the programmatic space A Brief History of Time, the Universe and Advertising Including – what is programmatic, where has it come from and    what does it deliver (including the ROI vs brand question) How has it evolved, and how does it change the rules on how advertising gets in front of the right people Facts and figures/Landscape What is the market worth globally, how has that changed overtime, what the projections for the coming years? What is the UK market worth, how has that changed, what are the projections like? Day 1 – Afternoon Brand Safety What does this term mean? What do you need to know about it? What do you need to do to ensure that your brand is staying safe? Viewability If an ad appears on a page and nobody can see it, is it really there (yes – it is – and you have to pay for it, unless you ensure that you didn’t buy it in the first place) Fraud
 We operate in a results-based medium, but even if we can see great results, there is still a danger of being defrauded by paying for ads that cannot be seen. What can we do about this? Highlight the different types of ad fraud. Ad Blocking and the impact on Programmatic buying How do adblockers work, what do they do, who uses them, who’s problem is it, how can it be resolved, what is the longer term           impact on display advertising in general/programmatic specifically? Who are the right partners and why The relative merits of the leading DSPs and DMPs Who should be choosing them and why, the agencies or the advertisers? End of Day 1: 17.00 Day 2 – Morning: 
9.00 Recap of yesterday, Overview of Today, Take Another Look at Your Expectations Optimization How does a trading desk optimize a programmatic campaign, isn’t it all done by the algorithm? What do the Traders actually do? Transparency – on Media, on Commercials?
 What do you need to know, what questions should you be asking? RTB in Video, TV and Mobile Data Management What is the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd-party data? Capturing the right data and using it to target your messages or change what you say? Utilising data to represent the right demographic to predict behaviours Is there such a thing as ‘too much data’? Is there a point at which consumers start to resent you (too much retargeting)? Creativity in Programmatic? How can we run something a bit more interesting than just a standard ad? How can we use Data and RTB to run campaigns which are more interesting than those we could run before? Day 2 – Afternoon PMPs – what is the appeal to publishers and buyers? When should your Trading Desk use them, are they always good for you? Play your Cards Right – the Auction Dynamic in Practice and the Dangers of Too Much Targeting
 A simulation of the auction mechanic in practice What do you learn from this about pacing, pricing, budgets and the futility of trying to restrict pricing Tracking and Attribution It’s all about what you measure and how Be careful what you wish for – the dangers of saying that you ‘just want to drive traffic’ Cross-Device Targeting – Exploring Strategies that Work
 The Future for Programmatic Buying (TV, Print, OOH, radio)

 Summary, Wrap-up, Q/A End of Day 2: 17.00 FAQs Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? Please email us on or call +44203 371 1310 Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Substitutions are welcome up to 24 hours prior to the event. Can I update my registration information? Yes, please email us on or call +44203 371 1310 Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? Yes What is the refund policy/Cancellations? Cancellations must be received in writing no less than 3 weeks prior to the start of the conference; a full credit voucher towards a future Global Events Management Ltd seminar will be issued. Any cancellation received less than 3 weeks prior to the start of the event shall be deemed to be a breach of this contract by client, and accordingly, no credits will be given. Programme ChangesGlobal Events Management Ltd reserves the right to make changes in its programmes and speakers, or to cancel, postpone or reschedule programmes if enrolment criteria are not met or when conditions beyond its control prevail. If the programme is not held for any reason, our liability is limited to a credit voucher for only the programme fee.

at Singapore
Delfi Orchard, Level 6
Singapore, Singapore

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