Typists of the world, unite! A new book looks inside the 'typosphere'

Typists of the world, unite! A new book looks inside the 'typosphere'
… Groma Kolibri, his vintage “laptop typewriter” made in East Germany in 1956. The antique machine – incidentally, the same model preferred by the writer Will Self – is stylish and durable, less of a prop than a symbol of an insurgency aided and …
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Solar or Coal? The Energy India Picks May Decide Earth's Fate
That's why so many of them cheered Modi's election as prime minister in May 2014. Extolling Hinduism's ancient environmental beliefs, the BJP promised in its election manifesto to “put sustainability at the center of our thoughts and actions.” A month …
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Mind-controlled robot gives the disabled a taste of home
Brain-controlled robot limbs have already helped the disabled gain some mobility, but full-fledged robots have proven elusive: how do you use thoughts to steer a free-roaming machine? Swiss researchers think they have the answer. They've developed a …
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