Umbraco Masterclass – San Diego, CA

Umbraco Masterclass – San Diego, CA
Event on 2016-02-29 09:00:00
Get a head start Get Umbraco certified uWestFest ticket offer Attend any of the masterclass sessions and we'll include free attendance to uWestFest. Join in a full-week of Umbraco goodness with folks from Umbraco HQ and the Umbraco community.    As developers and web-designers, we are expected to know about the best solutions in our area of expertise. We are expected to know the best practice way, as well as the shortcuts that enable us to be more productive and build smarter solutions for our customers – Umbraco master classes are all about giving you those skills – fast. Get certified Only by attending one of the Umbraco Masterclasses, can you achieve the valuable “Certified Umbraco Developer” status, the certification is available to all masterclass attendees for free.   Level 1 For web-developers and web-designers Work smarter with Umbraco and learn best practices for how a website should be built on Umbraco. The level 1 Masterclass gives you a turbocharged, 2-day introduction to how Umbraco helps webdesigners to build feature-complete websites, without any hardcore programming. However at the same time, it keeps you in control of every aspect and detail of your design and mark-up. This course focuses on learning all the basic building blocks of an Umbraco website, so any webdeveloper can use these techniques to build any kind of additional functionality like news areas, navigation elements and galleries.  During the 2-day course you will go through several hands-on exercises, where you among other things will learn: How to create and design your content structure How you use your own designs with Html and CSS in Umbraco How to handle media, promotional sliders, and galleries How users, permissions, and notifications can be used for simple, yet flexible workflows How multilingual content is handled How to build your own forms without any code   Additionally the course includes the valuable Umbraco Level 1 certification.    Level 2 For .NET developers and extension builders Level 2 is created for those developers who want to push the boundaries. Learn how to integrate existing .NET applications into Umbraco and how to customize Umbraco using Microsoft Visual Studio. This 2-day course will cover the usage of .NET controls with Umbraco macros, MVC Controllers, and event programming. You'll also learn how to integrate your own logic directly in the Umbraco interface using the Umbraco APIs that give you access to tailor your Umbraco site to fit your needs and turn it into a powerful web application. During this 2 day course, you will build a complete intranet application, that through detailed hands-on exercises shows you how powerful the Umbraco APIs really are. The agenda for level 2 includes: Project Structure A deeper look into the Razor syntax Debugging tips and tools Caching Macros Custom DataTypes and Property Editors AJAX with WebAPI Umbraco events Umbraco service APIs Level 2 also includes the valuable Umbraco Leve 2 certification.   Details  We provide the coffee, water, and lunches – if you're really good there are some special treats too.  You provide a laptop running Umbraco and WebMatrix (for Level 1) or Visual Studio 2013+ (for Level 2).  We learn together, have some fun, and work hard to make your time worthwhile.

at University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, United States

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