UNTOUCHED ADVENTURE – EGYPT ✪Discover the Secret Diving Garden in Dahab✪ 17

UNTOUCHED ADVENTURE – EGYPT ✪Discover the Secret Diving Garden in Dahab✪
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UNTOUCHED ADVENTURE - EGYPT  ✪DISCOVER THE SECRET DIVING GARDEN IN DAHAB ✪ ❐ WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GOEVENTSLONDON ❐ Facebook Event Page: www.facebook.com/events/981105112007589/989592401158860/ ☎WHATS APP: +201097788930  â-¼EMAIL:GOEVENTSLONDON@HOTMAIL.COM  ★HIGHLIGHTS â-†8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS with local expert and English guide accompanying you to discover the lesser-know places in the Egyptian coast of Red Sea, the mysterious Sinai Peninsula and the Pyramids â-†Â 3 INTRO DIVES in the astonishing underwater world; unlimited snorkelling with fishes swimming next to you; camel safari in the spectacular mountains that line the coast; waterfront camping at the foot of Sinai hill in an unpeopled land; watching shooting stars streak across the sky with bonfire; late-night party in the Sinai mountains; flying sky lantern; beach buggy across desert and colour canyon; Sharm el Sheik fun waterpark, feel young again! â-†DAHAB-Exclusive in-depth tour of this beautiful small town lying on the Red Sea coast; immerse yourself in the Bedouin Culture and explore world-famous dive sites: Blue Hole, Moray Garden、Abu Gallum Protectorate and Lighthouse Reef â-†Where the mountain meets the sea- Castle Zamen, relaxing in natural swimming pool halfway up the mountain, overlooking the Red Sea â-†EGYPT IMPRESSION- zero distance with the Pyramids and the mummies, visiting the oldest traditional bazar in the old land, intoxicated by the beauty of colourful Egyptian culture â-†Places: CAIRO⇒DAHAB⇒NUWEIBA ⇒SHARM EL SHEIK⇒CAIRO â-†369 GBP ALL INCLUSIVE (Accommodation + Food + Activities) Minimum 4 persons (not including flight tickets, details see NOTES below)   ★PROGRAMME  DAY 1 ARRIVE CAIRO ASSALAMU ALAIKUM! WELCOME TO EGYPT Your adventure will start at 7pm on the first day with a welcome meeting in a pre-notified place. We will welcome you in the Cairo airport and transfer you to our meeting point. (*Complimentary airport pickup only available if you are arriving on the first day of our itinerary and able to leave the airport before 5pm. Please inform us your flight details one week before you arrive if you wish to have this service provided). We will collect your insurance, next of kin information and relevant documents in this meeting. Chaotic but full of energy, freely explore the mesmerizing charm of this city at night. Feed your stomach with all kinds of authentic Egyptian foods. (Dine like the Pharaohs did). After a short rest, we will get on a night bus (approximately 10 hours) to the Sinai Peninsula. Do not get too excited, you've boarded your fearless journey! DAY 2 ARRIVE DAHAB IN THE MORNING DIVE IN MORAY GARDEN + BEACH BUGGY+NIGHT MARKET Having some breakfast and rest, in the afternoon, you will begin your journey into the astounding underwater world by heading to the renowned Moray Garden dive site in a local jeep vehicle, enjoy the heat and the wind blowing across your face while listening to the sound of Arabia in the air. Feel what ‘On the Road’ really means! Moray Garden diving terrain: After a 100 metre swim over a shallow reef from Dahab’s shore, you’ll reach a narrow canyon and swim out to a larger sandy area sloping down gradually. Past a somewhat vertical protuberance of the reef, you’ll discover the actual eel garden. You’ll soon see the long eels popping their heads out of the sand before vanishing back in as soon as you approach them. Hold your breath if you’re thinking of taking pictures of these amazing creatures and don’t freak out at the sight of such a big number of eels. Barracudas are also regular visitors of the site, and as you swim back out, don’t forget to look at the beautiful soft and hard corals which are home to the rare sea grass ghost pipefish. After diving, follow our safari team to the dessert and catch up with the sunrise where you catch a glimpse of the sunset from the horizontal line. You will be moved – this is a spectacular site!! In the night, you can slow down your pace, relax in laid back atmosphere in this coastal town, try local restaurants or go shopping in many cosy local stores. DAY 3 ABU GALLUM PROTECTORATE CAMPING BLUE HOLE DIVE + ABU GALLUM + CAMPING Today you will head to the world famous Blue Hole. It is a spectacular, but somewhat dangerous site: corals, fans, eels and dozens of fish species flourish there, and the incredible depths of the hole provide magnificent scenery. The technical divers are particularly attracted by the arch connecting the Blue Hole with the open sea. Many lost their life because of forgetting the time in the fascinating underwater world. On the hillside next to the Blue Hole, you can see some well-known divers’ monuments. Only dive-licence holders can dive here. Go on a camel safari with a Bedouin guide on the rocky hill sides by the seashores in the Ras Abu Gallum Protectorate. It is a breathtaking place. Don’t be afraid! These camels were born in these mountains; they are skilled at marching the rocky cliffs. At the end of the camel ride, you arrive at a waterfront camping site where no electricity or running water you will be spending the night. With mixture of trees and straws for tent and mattresses for sleeping, you can relax and feast your eyes on the night sky staring into the galaxy as shooting stars fly by. Look into the water and you may see lighting fish under the sea. With bonfire, nice chats and a bit of music, slow down and enjoy a surreal “Arabian Night”. DAY 4 SINAL MOUNTAIN NIGHT PARTY ABU GALLUM DIVE+FREE TIME +LATE NIGHT PARTY As the morning sun rises, start your day with your second deep-sea dive. Be captivated by the deep blue colours of the water. Spend your time snorkelling, watching the colourful fishes and swimming in the maze of coral reef. Immerse yourself in the soothing arms of great nature. Bedouin dining by the beach. Enjoy your breakfast on colorful cushions and traditional low tables in your camp, which is just inches away from the sea. After, you head back to the rest of the world. In the afternoon, you can wander around in this nice small town, explore the place on a bike if you still have energy or simply, just take a rest. When it gets dark, a night party await you! Get back on the jeep to the mountainous Sinai desert, where you will spend your night in a Bedouin tent between the mountains. Climb to the top of the mountain, and fly sky lanterns with your best wish. But wait! The night is not done yet, it’s just started. It’s time to dance! Egyptian style! Get crazy and dance. Don’t know the moves? Just follow the locals! DAY 5 NUWEIBA-CASTLE ZAMAM LIGHTHOUSE REEF + CASTLE ZAMAM Wake up yourself with your third dive in lighthouse reef. Here is also a great spot for snorkelling. In fact, all kinds of dives are possible, including shallow dives over sandy areas for beginners, and pinnacle slaloms at more important depths for more experienced divers. Whichever the dive plan is, you’re bound to love it for the variety of available coral formations to explore and the beautiful fish species to gaze at. Where the mountain meets the sea. After diving, you will go to Castle Zamam which located in the middle of the desert and at the same time overlooks the sea. This is an exclusive outing that highlights Sinai's spirit. The castle was built to reflect the spirit of the ruins. Its stone exterior is basalt and granite taken from the Red Sea mountains. The castle has an infinity pool where you can enjoy sunning yourself and lazing around. Overlooking the golden beach and the sapphire colour sea, you will enjoy with exclusive slow-cooked cuisine DAY 6 SHARM EL SHEIK COLOR CANYON+WATER PARK +OLD MARKE When the sun rises, you will get on your beach buggy again to visit the colour canyon. It’s a maze of sandstone rocks in hues of yellow, purple, red, magenta and gold reaching up in some places a height of 40 meters. The uneven forms and height of the rocks sometimes make climbing necessary, so be prepared. You will take a 2-hour bus to Sharm el Sheik, the world-famous vacation destinations. Here you will spend your afternoon in the waterpark with lots of fun and excitements. Chill out, have dinner in the old market and you will take a bus ride through the night. Head north along the Gulf of Suez, cross famous Suez Canal, and you finally arrive at the city of Cairo. DAY 7 CAIRO VISIT THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUM+PYRAMIDS+KHANEL-KHALILI BAZAAR+MUSIC SHOW Arriving Cairo in the early morning, putting down your luggage in your hotel and having your breakfast, you DO NOT want to miss this, The Egyptian Museum! Experience zero distance with the mummies and scan the history of Egypt. These ancient mummies can be SCARYYYYY!!! Then you will set off to Giza, where the Pyramids and the Sphinx are, just before the traffic gets crazy! Horseback riding to get a panoramic views of the Pyramids. Don’t carry heavy stuff unless you want to break your back. The horses are quite hardcore. (Caution: these horses can take off like they are in the Epson Derby.) Lights, camera, actions! Touristic photo taking opportunities with the help of our local photographer. He knows all the poses and tricks for a great pyramid pictures.  No visit to Cairo is Complete without a stop at the Khan El-Khalili bazaar, where you will be transported back in time to an old Arab souk. The frenetic backstreets, passageways, the scent of spices, the hustle and bustle of trade… If you are keen at bargaining, feel free to use your haggling skills to their full potential. Also, sit in a local cafe, have some sweet Arabic mint tea and watch the time pass you by as the sunset. After dinner and shopping, a traditional Arab music show completes your day visit in Cairo. DAY 8 LEAVE CAIRO AFTER BREAKFAST,YOU CAN WANDER IN THE NARROW COBBLED STREETS AND KEEP THE BEST MOMENTS OF THE ADVENTURES IN YOUR MENMORIES. WE WILL TRANSFER YOU TO THE AIRPORT TO CATCH THE FLIGHT. BUT! I know you don’t want to leave. I’ll tell you what, me neither!! There is an option, you can choose to stay later if you want and you can return home IF you ever feel like it. Do whatever you want and enjoy life :) â-¼More about Dahab, see Egypt's Official Tourism Website: http://zh.egypt.travel/city/index/dahab  ★NOTES â-†This Adventure Includes: mentioned activities except optional activities (this is an all-inclusive tour, we can't refund if you cannot participate certain part of the programme), hotel (4 nights), Camping (1 night), Egypt domestic transportation, 6 breakfasts, 7 lunches ordinner â-†Not Included: Flight ticket (price is subjected to seasonal change, e.g. a return ticket from London to Cairo is around 250 GBP); Visa; Travel Insurance; optional tours or activities during free time; tips and items of a personal nature. â-†Optional Extras Dive mentioned in the programme is introductory dive for beginners or non-experienced. If you are dive license holder, please inform us beforehand, and we will provide you relevant information and price. Hotel arrangement is based on double room, if you would like single room, please inform us beforehand, and we will provide you relevant information and price. Renting snorkelling equipment: around 20 Egyptian pounds per use, depend on local price. (Recommend bring your own. You can use anytime anywhere) Horse-riding or camel-riding around Pyramids:  depend on local price If you would like to take the domestic flight from Cairo to Sinai, instead of taking night bus, we could assist you to book the flight ticket, about 1600 EGP, subjected to change â-†Â Minimum 4 persons, Depart ANYTIME.If we have 4 persons already on certain dates, you could join such trip even the number of persons in your group is under 4. â-†Insurance: You must have extensive travel insurance as a condition of booking with us, and without evidence of a valid policy you won’t be allowed to start your trip. We recommend you to purchase from experienced insurance company. Please consult us about the details of insurance requirements â-†Visa: Please make sure you have valid visa. We recommend applying for visas with a professional visa service who can guide you though the process or consult us for advice. â-†Â Health Requirements: Due to the nature of our programme, it may involve intensive activities, such as diving, camel riding, and long-hour outdoor activities, please make sure you have certain level of fitness before reserving the trip. We recommend you to have health check if necessary. â-†Â We reserves the right of final explanation of the programme. ★We also provide other personally tailored Egyptian journey for you. Do not hesitate to ask.   ★GALLERY Annex: Diving site map

at Dahab
Dahab, Egypt

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