vahsee après ski 22

vahsee après ski
Event on 2016-12-17 14:00:00
Hi all! I'd like to cordially invite you my annual shitstormdaydrinkingaprèsskithemedmess but for a good cause! This year, I'm asking everyone purchase a "lift ticket" the total cost will go to A WALK ON WATER, an amazing charity for special needs children for more information please visit If you're unable to attend but would like to donate, I would really appreicate it! The event will begin at 2 pm, and "technically" be over at 7 pm, however, we're more than welcome to stay at Fiddlesticks or venture elsewhere.  Hope to see you on the shotskis in your best skiwear, V A WALK ON WATER provides surf and water therapy through guided surf instruction to specials needs children.  Surfing is used as a tool to gain self confidence skills and promote the therapeutic benefits of the sport’s positive effects.  Children experience the true “stoke” of surfing and a sense of accomplishment as family and friends cheer them on from the beach.  Brothers and sisters also participate, helping to solidify an often strained bond between siblings.  Our surf events focus on both the athletes and their families, who are treated to a well-deserved day of relaxation, healthy food and lifestyle guidance. Please visit their website for more details, events, and if you'd like to contribute in any other way!

at Fiddlesticks
56 Greenwich Avenue (between Sixth and Seventh Avenue )
New York, United States

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