Web Summit: Time capsule 'like social networking into future'

Web Summit: Time capsule 'like social networking into future'
Eternia allows users to record, store, and review the most important moments and emotions of their life, so as to share and donate to whoever they want to in the future — or keep just for themselves. Co-founder of the website Emiliano Petronilli, who …
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12-year-old says she is bullied by racist classmates; comforted by Pharrell
Williams, One Direction and Florence + The Machine are going to appear at the Apple Music Festival next month. Apple announced Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015, that the musicians will be among the headliners at the 10-night festival at London's … Kimpson told …
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'Breaking Through' Shows the Price of Fame
This past weekend, Pasadena Playhouse premiered Breaking Through, a new musical that explores today's music industry machine and the sacrifices young artists have to make to “break through. … Alison Luff, who most recently played Miss Honey in …
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