Why The Holidays Are The Best Time To Job Search

Why The Holidays Are The Best Time To Job Search
Many professionals (and job seekers) are preoccupied with all they have to do during the holidays – family gatherings, travel, winter break from school, big dinners, and shopping. Seemingly for many, job searching takes a back seat during this time …
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Handwritten 'thank you' will make your jobsearch gratitude stand out
In the job-search world, probably not. The post-interview thank-you note is a common courtesy that has been stressed so often that most of us have it tattooed on our brains; it's just something you have to do in order to be considered. But now that it …
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West Ada's high-profile, high-pressure job search
West Ada has grown accustomed to operating on a shoestring; in 2014-15, its per-pupil spending of $ 6,744 ranked No. 101 among Idaho's 115 school districts. Teacher retention is an ongoing battle; on average, the neighboring Boise district pays teachers …
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